pg_title_artwork_blkA young Asian American Artist born into old cultural tradition lives with the pulse of rejection from her family day by day, but despite all odds she uses her unique gifts to give children around the world the ability to dream.

At first glance the city of Huaycán , Peru is merely a desert town covered in dirt. But what one would find underneath the brown hue is a culture full of life. The people are kind and children filled with enthusiasm. Although, my objective is to teach the creative arts I was also there to learn from the people of Huaycán. When the human learns there is a great sense of curiosity, excitement, and inspiration. And in return, becomes an action that propels the individual to do extraordinary things. Words can not express how I feel nor can it help define the actions I wish to do in the future. All I have gained and all I have to explore are fused to my convictions. The dream to help cultivate the world grows ever so close… [JP Neang]


Conakry, Africa